Turners Falls Brick Company, Montague City, Mass.

From A Half Century of Boston’s Building by Charles Stanhope Damrell, 1897:

The Turners Falls Brick Company, whose yards are 
located at Montague City, Mass. was established in 
1889, and does a very large business in the manufacture
and sale of building brick of all kinds. This company 
has furnished the brick for a large number of buildings
in this city and vicinity. Among some of the more 
prominent of these are the Ginn building at Cambridge, 
the Convent at Marlborough, the pumping station at 
Marlborough, and a great many others on the line of the
Fitchburg railroad. The company makes a specialty
of brick, for use in the construction of sewers and 
water works. Their trade is principally in the New 
England states, and they do a very large and constantly
increasing business. The yards are very favorably 
located with an abundance of raw material near at hand,
and the shipping facilities are also of the best.

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