Clayton, MA? Who knew?

From Brick, Vol. XXI, No. 3, Sept., 1904:

The Berkshire White Brick Co., of New York City, has placed an order with the Pittsburg office of E. M. Freese & Co. for an outfit of machinery to go to its plant at Clayton. Mass. The outfit embodies a large union brick machine, with a special draw-cutting table and a separate steel pug-mill. The plant at Clayton has been in operation for some time, but was only lately purchased by the New York company. The auger process has been adopted to displace the method formerly employed at the works, and it is the company’s expectation to produce a high grade, white front brick suitable for the New York market. The material used for brick making is a white clay, of a very plastic character. This clay is found in the form of a deposit many feet in thickness at this one – particular spot and does not appear elsewhere, which means that the company is possessed of a very valuable asset in its mineral resources. D. S. Plummer has been chosen general manager and will have charge of re-equipping the factory, and the operating of it will also come under his supervision. Mr. Plummer is, at present, a large dealer in front bricks, and has his office in W. 42nd St., New York. He has also had many years’ experience in the operating of plants, and is therefore skilled in the brick industry in all its various phases. There is a large demand throughout the entire east for white, front brick, sufficient to insure a market for the entire product of the Clayton plant and that at a very satisfactory price.

From The Thirty-fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics [Commonwealth of Massachusetts] March, 1905.

New Marlborough.

Industrial Changes. In July, Berkshire White Brick Co. purchased the plant of the White Brick & Terra Cotta Co.

Alas, the place went bust. From New-York Daily Tribune. Monday. September 17. 1906. :

Mortgage Sales.
• Pursuant to the power of sale contained in a certain mortgage deed given by the BERKSHIRE WHITE BRICK COMPANY to the EMPIRE TRUST COMPANY dated June 28, 1904, and recorded in the State of Massachusetts
in Berkshire Southern District Registry In Book 192, page 34, and following, there will be sold at public auction for breach of condition of said mortgage on Monday, the first day of October, 1906, at two o’clock in the afternoon,
at the south end of the main building factory, on the land hereinafter described, the following real and personal property to wit: All the plant and property owned by the said mortgagor at the time of giving said mortgage or acquired since that time of every kind and description, real, personal and mixed, and wheresoever situated, including all the right, title, interest, claim
and demand of every kind or nature, legal or equitable, of the Company in and to all Letters-Patent of any kind, and any interest therein, and any licenses or contracts in respect thereto, which were held at the time of giving
said mortgage or have been acquired since that time, covering devices or inventions contained in any article or thing which it manufactured, sold, or used in the conduct of its business. All its franchises and the goodwill of the business conducted and carried on by the said mortgagor, as well as any and all trade marks or trade names owned at the time of giving said mortgage and
since acquired. All books of account of any and every kind, name and nature, owned at the time of giving said mortgage and since acquired, kept by the Company in the conduct of its business. The following real estate situated In New Marlborough, in the County of Berkshire, State of Massachusetts, near the village of Clayton, on the East side of the highway, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a post at the Southwest corner and the Northwest corner of the burying ground: thence South 69 degrees East 25 chains and 13 links to a stone in line of land of the Deming Estate; thence South. 81
degrees East, 6 chains, to the East end of the stone wall; thence North, 10 degrees East 1 chain and 50 links to a heap of stones; thence South. 78 1/2 degrees East, 8 chains and 4 links, to the East end of the wall, a corner
of Emmon’s land; thence North, 12 1/2 degrees East, 11 chains and 70 links, to a heap of stones at Emmon’s Northwest comer; thence south. 80 1/2 degrees East, 7 chains and 35 links, to a stone in the ground; thence
North, 11 degrees East,  9 chains and 7 links, to a heap of stones; thence North, 77 1/2 degrees West, 6 chains and 53 links, to a white pine bush and stones; thence South, 82 1/2 degrees West, 7 chains and 37 links, to a walnut
tree, marked, and stones: thence North, 84 1/2 degrees West, 8 chains and 44 links, to a walnut tree in the wall; thence same course, 1 chain and 4 links to the West bank of the Konkapot River; thence South. 57 3/4 degrees West, 1 chain and 19 links, on the bank of said river; thence South, 79 degrees West, 2 chains and 35 links, on the bank of said river; thence North 87 1/2 degrees West, 1 chain and 95 links, on the bank of said river; thence North, 69 degrees West, 2 chains and 62 links, to an elm tree on the bank of said river; thence North, 59 3/4 degrees West, 6 chains and 86 links, on the bank of said river; thence South, 74 1/4 degrees West, 2 chains and 36 links, on the bank of said river; thence North, 63 decrees, West, 2 chains and 62 links to a stone
in the ground in the east line of the highway, being the Southwest comer of land formerly of Robert L. Taft; thence on the East line of said road, South, 31 degrees West, 4 chains and 84 links, to a maple tree, marked; thence on East line of said road, South, 29 degrees West, 11 chains and 85 links, to the place of beginning; containing 73 acres and 13 rods of land. Being the same
premises conveyed to Henry E. Lyles by Martha G. D. Taft, by deed dated June 23. 1890, and recorded in the Registry of Deeds at Great Barrington in said County of Berkshire, in Book 165, Page 434 Also, all that certain real estate situated near the village of Clayton in New Marlborough in said County of Berkshire, in tn

I got bored attempting to retype the entire contents of a brickyard in 1906. Hopefully I’ll finish it some day.

three parcels, one of which Is bounded an-1 .lescrl as
follows: Beginning at a stake and *tones on the North
side of a large oak tree on the East side of the road
leading from Clartnn Pi.storrlce to th» former residence
of Oersham M. Fitch, and at the Northwest corner
thereof; thence South. M degrees East, ft chains an.l 41
Itaka. tn a si stones; thence Pou’h. •« degree* East.
2rt chains and 7O links to a heap of stones at the North
east corner; thence Bouth. 2 degrees West. 7 chains and
4.’. links • > a white pine bush and stones; thence South
82H decrees West. 7 chains and 37 links, to a walnut
tree, marked, and stones: thence North. M«4 degrees
West. H chains and 44 links, to a large walnut tree
marked, standing In the wall; thence »am* course. 1
chain and 4 links, to the West bank of the Konknr”-t
River: thence on the West bank of «atd river. South .T\
degrees West. 1 chain and 19 links; thence en the bank
of said river. South. 7!> degrees West. 2 chains and S3
links, to nn elm tree; thence on the bank of said river.
North »7H degrees West. 1 chain end Xl links; there*
on the bank of said river. North Kk degrees West 2 chains
and «2 links, to an elm tree; thence North, MH; degrees
West. « chains and M links; thence on the bank of said
river Fo-uth. 74V» decrees West. 2 chains and 3″ links;
thence North. 8.1 degrees West. 2 chains and t9 links, to
a none set In the ground In the East line of the high
way; thence In the East line of wild highway. North.
31 v; degrees East. 0 chains and fi2 links. t» S»S*t cf be
ginning: containing 82 s»rres. 1 rood, and 37 mds of land,
more or less. Also another parcel of land lying- between
the called the “I,tme Klin I-ot.” bounded as fol
lows- Beginning st » poet at th Northeast corner
thereof In the West line of the road leading from Clayton
Postofn.e to the late res!d«n.-« of Oeroham M Fitch, the
*ame r-lng Ijither Llndsey’s Southeast comer; thence
South .:■’■■■, degrees West. B c’na!ns an.l ” links to ■ post,
the Northeast comer of the school house lot. th?nce
North MV, riegrees West, 1 ehitn and 4rt links, to a r<-‘S».
the Northwest corner of said srhool house ‘ ■’ . then-*
North. l.ivj degrees West. 4 chains and 91 Bvk*. to said
Llndsey’s Southwest comer: thence on line o? fall IJrirt
try land. Pouth. »3»i ilt-crees Enst. 5 chains an.l 1<» I””*.
to’ the place of beginning: containing 1 sere 2 ror-.K and
I rods of land, more or less. A!sr> another pnn-el lying
on the West »lde of the Konkapot road, and bounded »s
follows: Beginning at a heap cf stones at the Northea«t
comer thereof an.l In the We line of sail road (said
bound Is the Southeast comer of Nelson Ha.WH*: thence
In the West Hue of sail roal. f*Mith l.Tj decrees East.
2« chains an.l 2<> links, to a heap of stones nt the South
bar post thence North 7P’i degrees West. 17 chains and
f.O links, to a stake, a corner of a wood lot formerly off
Archibald Taff: thence N”rth. 2 d»«rre,’s E«*t. 7 chafns
and M links, to a white oak tree, marked thenre North.
«7 degrees West. M links, •• I Seat of stones; thence
North »S degrees West. 14 chains and 20 Inks to a heiip
it vtones at the Northwest corner thereof and the South
west comer of saM ITads»ll land. thence In a line of said
Hadsell lan.i. North *«’; degrees Fast. 1.1 rh»lns snd 7″«
links, to the place ef beginning: containing 19 a^res an.!
17 rods of land, more or less. The whole .<f -ill premises
being th» same embraced and described In a certain dee,t
from Curtis P. t’pson to Henr>’ IT Lyles date.l June 23.
1M«. an.l recorde.l In the Reglstrv of p«.m!s 11 Great
Harrington In paid <^’iint» of Berkshire, hi Book 1«3.
Page 432 And also, all the following described premises,
situated near the village of Clavton. In sat.? N»w M<»r!
borough In saM County of Berkshire, belie In S parcels.
t. wit: First— Beginning at a Mack ch»rrr -In the
North line »>f the ron.l tending from Stephen fltevens’e
rlaee to Jonathan Tresc tt s »r ‘he s. ithwest corner
thereof: thenoe South. 7.V* d-itrees Fast <» .hnlns «n>) .17
lir.ks. to a hear* of stones In the North Itne of s»M roaii;
thence South. !.O\ deyre^s Fnst. 10 chains an.l f>7 lir.ks.
to a heap of sfnnes at the Southeast mrner; thnnre North.
11>, degrees Fast. 2*l chains ar • T. links. t> a large white
oak tree at the Northeast corner: thence N’rfi. W’i de.
grees West. 3 chains and S links to n hmn of “tines;
thence South. M degrees West, In <-hnlns »n.l 4rt links,
to a stake and ptones at the Northwest corner; th«nc<»
Ponth. ~\ degrees West. IS chains ami (»O links, la the
pts<-e i 1?i 1 ? beglnnlrj: containing ?.C. »,res. 2 rr>o.U and •
rods. Secoml— Be K lr.nlrr at » stake and st«-n»s en the
North side of a large oak tree m) In the Fs-t line •* the
hlfrh«a\ leaillng fru»n CUyton ITstofli.-e x.-> O M. Kltch’e
dwelling house. I* ‘•■ li.< also a corner of th« Hopkins
farm; thence Smith. K1 tle»re^s Knst. ‘m:8 ltn'<s. to i heip
of stones: then » Stmth ■-•• decrees Fa«t. XKO ltr.k”. to a
bear* of stones at the Northeast corner of nil Hopkins
farm: thence South. 2 degrees West. 7O links, tn a stake
and stones: thence Fouth 77’« .tes;re.-s Past. <P:t links, to
• stake and -t -net ( corner of 1 . Fmnions tarn!: thence
North. 27»« dt-srees Fast. 15«4 HnU«. Mi i^tx man!- tree
and stones thence North. V, degrees F»?t. »71 links, to
■i heap of ptones at the end of a stone wall, on the South
»M» of a hlghwav: thrnce on sal.l blchwav. North. f>7\
degrees West. -.47 l’–l<« t> a black «.a* tree anrt stones;
ttieru-e on call hlrhwa*\ North. 4?, .legr^es W< «■ l.n
links, tn a Mack „«-, ,ti*A> »n.l stones: thence on said
hlshway. North. W t decrees West *4« links, tn a willow
stad.lle «n.l stones; thenre on said highway. North. *”‘♦
decrees West Si 2 links to • •” ike «nd stones: thence
North. ««; de«rees East. ICW> links, to a stake .od stones.
a crrn»r of 11. Srrtth”B Isnd: thence North ■■% “••»••»
Fast, 1«U« links, to a stake and »?-nes. another •■ <> ™’ – ‘\r’
»»ld Smith’s land: thence South. MVi degrees Ea.l. »8
links, to a large white o-%k tree In the line of T Tree
cuit s land, them* la Mid Tr«»cgtf» line. >’«»«». 11 •••
Mortgage Sales.

■pai slpM >~’ links. t” a hMsp of ssssmsk t*i»nr« in «mMI
Tr»«cett’» line. North. IP* ■■«! ‘us rait. ‘-“• llnic* -/, % ■
stake and aton«9: Hws>« In ltn» of land SsiSMri • of ‘
Tr»»cntt. Dunning- and ritrh. N/irth. 7*H <l»«t— « W«at
HSK links, to • stnn* on in* Bust bank nt sfsatMp- • or
Iron Works niver; Hi«nf« North. % ligsi >■-„, 1399
link*, to a, stake and «tnne<t at th« Smtth end *t »n «14
•tone wall mi th* East »M» of th« hlshway ilnao North
ton isjin East. l» links, tn » make In asM «M wall*
theme South. 75% d«(T»M W>«« SI.T7 link^. to a b*s»
of Moneii at th« Northweor rorner. an>t In Bast I!t># of
•aid Konkanot m«<i: thenr* on «M ro»d. South. 12 «s
rre«» Cant. 114 links, to a »«llm» pin* stump •«- * ••naea
thenro on «.i! ‘ rr>n>l. Snath. 1 »’ , /fe«T<M>s East. 9MA Unka*
to * whit* pl-» «vi.!r!!» ami »ton*»; thrne* on asM r^ad’
Houth. IS 4»gT’»s Ka«t. ICOO link!». tn a pna* and st •«
ih. v… -„., r -,-r of Mnrv lfa<t |r. land- th»ne»
North. 77 <\**t~* F»«t. SO4 links, another mm»» tit »«tt
M. ■sssell” land: th-r,,-. «*>nth. I^i i.» r «— Bast vrr
VnV*. another rorn»r of «»H M. H^.l-e!!-. land: dMMS>
Fmjth. 77 *”-» W»»t. »w» links, to • post and Mono*
In th* Ea«t tin* nf Ka id Konkar^t road- thene* nn mmli%
r”nfl. Sotifh. l.v« d*«T»*s r-int. 712 links, to a «ta)<* »nd
«f^n»s. a cr.rn»r of f^ith»r !.ln^*»v, land- tY*T>-» hi tin*
of wild Lands-v’s land. Smith. Kfn, <leaT”— KSSt l«lt
links, to a rtake and »ton*» tn th* East lino nf tail saaf
leadlna* from «”laT’on VnmtntTf^ tn fj. M PltcV** •-.-,■„
op. «-iM rond. S^ufh. J»iS ‘leare-e Went, 1131 (inks’. to tke>
p!ai-» «f X*«K *« l ‘ ln ‘ T1 « ponriinin» 23« arr»s. mnr* or Hi.
Third— (Winning at th» Northeast -nrrer nf HopVln’*
Urn* Kiln I»r. on th» West si<«# of »h* highway I^»c!ln«
frf.m .-I m^»M to r. M. fitch’s 4«et:tn« >>««*■:
then^« North. «.?’, d»«r**» W«st. sift links, to th- hl»h- •
wav l«-a.’ln – from K*«t tlhaffleM »n Archibald Tiif’^s
t*en,-e in line of , a M hl»hwar. North. 14′, d^irrees W«l
fort links, to s, “t- I ** “‘ stones: th«nc» Smith. ••%«•>
«T»»s East. »7« links, to th« first mentioned tilsll—l.
• ‘•.■i!.-» In line of »nll highway. Smjth. 2AU d’ltr*** Wsst
§m ‘Inks, to th* f.rst bounds; contatntnc * a«-r»s aa«»J
r ‘Is Fourth — n»Kinnln«r »• a porn»r «f Luther Llililssi*_
Inr.d. on the highway l»adlnir frn m Ea»t ah«sj|»l<| to O. It
Flfh’s dw»l!:n« h”»i»e: th»n<-» Nnr»h. Mts I>t.». West.
87« link*. ♦« th* Mshw.v leading from E^st Shi BssM SS
Archibald Tiffs: thenr» In lln* of said highway North.
14’« i»»s>”S Wee*. 2^V» ltnks; rhe»ee South. *XH desswSS)
East. Ifttt links, to th« flr«t m*nflon*d hlahwav tIMSISS
In line of »aM hlshwar. ?f>mh. 2*’ i w— , \V*«r, 2SI
lirtksj. to th» *r** mentioned bminds: <*>ntainln» 2 »ere»
and 1.1 rods of lund. Fifth — R’irlnnlna’ at the >rortse<nt
corner of T.nth»r !/n.t«»\’» land, and ronntnir North. W’4
,V«r-»- Fn«t. llnka. ■ ■■> a «tone set In th* ground •
th»nc» Nnrth. «.Ti» .«ree« W*st. 131» links. tn ‘he Bmst
lln* of th* hf«hway leadlnc front Fast fh*S»l(S to Mill
Klvor: •■■••;:, th« East lino of th* highway. Rmth. fflZ *
Sjsejssss Fast. 373 links, to th* Northwest «>n>*r al th*
•aid I.lnd»»T’» land: th»ne* Snath, s^s it areas East. ‘.-mi
liniis. to MM •»!»<*• of b*^lnnln*: rnntatnlns 4 Sl lea and
S« rods of land. Also th* dam on aatd pr»mlaaa. tnastkap
with all mineral, ftnwage and. wster rights. SBBslßonts
water p<*w»r. machinery and fixtures th«r«tn appemlnlng
«r h»’..n«tn* Th<» last ahoTs d»scrlb<Kj fir* r*r-»:» ,f
land being all and the same premises smhraoaJ and I*-.
»cr!h*d tn a c*rtain deed from i»Y»r>lc 11. Wrtsat. »• A»_
■’im»* In Tnsolv»ney nf th* «etat» of th* Til SlTssl l| <“»i’na>
ri»v rompanr. i.> said Fl*nnr B. t>Tioe. dated Jrme 29.
I*°A and recorded In saM P»glsrr-» of r>#!l» at Ir*«t
Barrtnirton. In saM County of Berkshire. In Book I*.
F.i«” 436. R-xreptlng and n — rrlng ho-wevr a small
parrel of the abo»* <les»’ rlh>*«l nrusasssa. whlcii mi con—
r»T*d hy th* Berfcshtr* China ClaT CnsspSM* to Ik* ‘.*7
ton Union Chnrcfi Soet*tr. nf a»M Clayton, bennded Ml
<!»scr!h*d as follows: B*gtnntas_at th» TtrtOtmm* earasr
«f th* burial grnun’l. n« th* last sMs of th* highway
!eaAtng from riayton to Mill Rr»*r; thews la line of
•aid highway. North. SOS dMrr»»s East. 19* link*: •-•t’-*
South. S7Vj d*Kre*s Fast. 403 links: these* ITislh 3 de
rr—s. «H mtnnt*s West. «l links: rhane* !*onh. «TH ”*-
irrees WWat, eM» links to th* p!ae* *t lisstsshae). oontain
ina* M rod* of land, more or lea*. Awl also •>• mill.
mill f.x—»*. botler. ejtgtr.a. pump*, house*. bane, kilna.
Sh*Sa> art all work boras*, rart*. wssnis. tools and me
rhtnerr now on said property. Betas’ th» <njn« prcp^ .
ertr cenrejed hr th* B«Tkshlr* fhttist Cliy Comr«tir. » ■
eorporatten of New .Tarsev. to fJottholl Ott* ■ssSjllli. hy
<See.l of dst* January 13. !•»*. and limM BerV«hlr»
8. « Registry Great Barrtnanor. Ma«sacr;ns*ttß, March,
4. UWB. In nook m Pag* 203. *t s**.t and ijssimiiiH br
the said Ontthnld Otto Elt*rtch t* th» WkS* X«tok and
Art Tile Company, a corporation of !»ess> Jaiass. by i—*
of dat* February 11. !*•*. and reeorJ«J BnW»sitn & B. .
Registry Great BarHa*7tn«. Sgasaaehosstts. March 4.
Is){ in Bonk 1T». pas* »• *t aaa. : and has** «he wit .
property conveyed Vy th* WMh Brlclc sad Terr* >>•»
r m; am m th* mortgasnr by 61—i of flat* Jan* 2″. 1904.
and recorded B*rk»hlr* S. B. lesststry. Oreat P-Mf”rnfton
Masaarhusett*. July S. 1904. In Booh WS, pajr* 344: th*
said White Brtek and Art Til* CUsiipaaj harlot, hr
proper corporat* action, tn th* sneaattei* «haag«<i Its
name to the satd Whtt* Brick and Terrs. COMa Company:
to which deeds i>f**aute Is her* made far gams perfect
description. Together ‘with alt and st-<-i’.ar the ten*— ,
men»«. hereditaments and appurtaMUsea* halnrg’ng to the. .
property hereby conveyed, or tn any wise thereto vp^er
talnlng. and th* reversions. laniaiiMlia tall*, laeomee,
rents, issues and profits thereof; aad als* all the estate,
rlirht. title. Interest, property, psssssshM. «lslsa and de whatsoever, as well la law as ha equity, of th*
mortgagor of. hi and to th* samay and any add every’
part thereof, with the appuftsnasea*. Ala* all of th*
personal property belonging to th* Berkshire Walt* s).-ic«
Company, located on the aforesaid property of said Com
pany at Clayton. Massachusetts, and more aaith—lsrty la
scribed as follows: 1 safe, stove pipe, 3 smki 2 chairs.
2 stools. 3 drawing tables. 1 letter praaa, 1 ‘fir »caiaa.
letter nles. letter book, catalfgue*. etc.. X sprtas scenes
terra cotta an.l brick samples. 11 terra. ootta> rase*. 1
waste paper baskets. 2 mirrors. 2 docks. 1 piece ga.van_
Ized screen. 1 marker. 1 brush broom. 1 liltunsSSs tewing ,
machine, 2 sets briquette moulds. 1 assets) briquet:*
mould. 3 oil stoves. 1 pulp balance. 1 aaaiytaoal balance.
1 blast lamp, l hot air bath, chemicals, bottles and * »••
ware, platinum warn, laboratory equipment. 1 eiectrtcal
pyrometer, about 3 dozen boxes prrometrla cone. 2 mor
tars and pest!**. 1 gasolene blow pip« with tank u>4
rtptng. 12 screens, camera with plat* holder* anA print
ing frames. 2 large printing frame*, dark room lamp. T,
squares, Triangle* and protractor, part of roll of drawing
paper, old drawings, blue prints, etc 1 tun saasad car-
Hag*. 1 Concord buggy. 9 wagons. 3 sMSJwS, 4 •teil*
dump carts. I two-hors* dump cart. X hay rack. X
doubl* harness, miscellaneous collection. of harnesses.
collars, cart harnesses, etc.. S ptt-hfnrks. 4 broom*. 9
rakes. ] scythe. 2 two-quart measures. 3 fna*-ajSS*s
measures. 1 wagon Jack, I tree trimmer. 10 palls. staMa>
blankets. 4 hor»e blankets. 2 grin.!-*. r.». >. 7 scoop) shov»I».
0 (hort-handle shovels. 9 long-handle shovels, IS oil
shovels. 8 picks. 3 brush hooks. S extra handle*. 1 sur
veyor’s pole. 2 forge*. 2 anvils. 3 vices. 1 iirtll sr-*». 4
sledges. 1 set Derby dies and taps. 1 ratchet drill. »»t of
blacksmith’s tools, tongs, chisels, etc. blacksmith*
hammer. 2 .<ets chain blocks, d sagi-i » •. -wrenches. 1
sets Hart dies. 2 sets Armstrong dies. X set ArmstrrjsH
taps. 4 rip* wrenches. 3 pip* cutter*. 2 wrench’s. 1 hack
saw and frame. 1 pair roofing shears. 1 pair tin 8 -!*-.
2 saws. 1 level. 1 bit stock. IV, down bits. 1 set flat
drills, t compass. 1 ca:ir»rs. 1 squar*. belt punch. 4 eel
cans, 1.1 f*et of st»am hc»e. 2 »■• tack!* blocks and ims.
1 SSI roonng tools, t adz. 2 pair chain tongs, I bru«!\
scyth*. 2 lanf«.rn«. 2 lamps. 2O brass lamps. ♦ otl cans,
1 fifty til! n oil tank. 1 r.n<»>.l and rlfty-*alln» oil
tank. 877 12-inch brick. 122 12*12 lnoh brick. 1«» sp>ela|
trirk. «17 kiln po«». Slrt til*, about VZ’**> «econd han.t
f!r« brick, about 20.000 whit* brick, anout 3.MS new Bfa>
brick, quantity of second hand red brick. About 1.MB)
•ao«rs. GO plaster trays. 54 barrels pulp manganese, “-j
bale oakum. 2<>s pounds iron, various sixes; 173 pounds
steel, various siz*s: about *>* pounds hoop Iron, about
32S rounds bolts and nuts. 43 lassorewa. about 3 ton»
»crar» Iron, including kiln bands, rods. pip*, old tools.
*haftlng. e’.f. ; about ISO pounds scrap, tine. 1 baiT^l car
beartr.sts. M sheet* window glass. About 1.305) aejlsts.
« inch and 0 Inch by SO inch: about 1.290 pallets, various
size*: 421 brick pallets. 895 pallets tn wash clay plant.
I grocer* scales. 0 gears, various sizes; .1 place* ahsrtSaSL
IX sprockets. 11 pulleys. « wood pulleys, • lisSlhj— I
ea» bar. 4 crowbars. 21 feet ennvas belt. X set belt cIaSBBSV
1 step ladder. » ladders,, vnrtous lengths: 3 <*■*% tnba.
scrap lumb*r. about 4 ton* grog. About 30 ton* Bwsjnah>
•an i lav. about SO tons Jersry b«!l clay, about 3* tan*
S»«*r clay. 3 -lay cars. 1 platform car. TA drying ears,
parts for IB cars. 3 transfer cars, 2 fou»-whe*l trucks.
*. two-wheel truck*. S .-n^ wheel truck*. « brick barrows.
a Iron tray wheelbarrows. 2 warehou** trucks. 1 *c*
«te»lyard!». M f^t ho**. •■» nlpe T* » eihnw*. 5 flan
unions. « reducers, about SO pounds i.i’UlilllS*. X «to»
cock. 1 – or valv*. 12 couplings. 1 vslv*. X bushlar, I ex
panstnn Joint. 2 glob* valve*. lO* fee* B-lncb, nipe •
lengths 1* feat 3-Inch pip*, abont 400 pounds pip* r.rtlnc*.
1 ang!.. valve. 1 »aw and tab!*. 1 saw. 1 tot of oM terr*>
cotta vases and pieces, 1 lot of brick ttl* and terra cott*>
moulds. 4 brick hammers. 1 set grates. 13 bsra. 1 ses
roller grates. 1 hand rmmp. 2 pieces wire-wound «uctlci*
hcs*. About 7 tons washed clay dried. about 50 tons washed clay in tanks, 5 gallons asphalt paint, 8 gallons lard oil, about 2,500 paper sacks, 500 feet wire rope, 2 rolls of wire screen, 1 lot old screen wire, screens, etc., 1/2 set grates for dry pan, 2 screw jacks, 1 stone boat, 1 dredge bucket, 70 bags plaster, damaged, 100 bags plaster, good, 1 piece steel, 100 pounds washers, 5 old telephones, 1 lot of pails, dippers, pans, etc., 1 lot of work tables, benches, carpenter’s horses, etc., about 25 tons ft hay, about tons of rails, 16 foot screw conveyor, 1 undercut gate, 1 power repress, 1 hand repress, 3 hand presses, 1 Craft centrifugal pump, 1 Senaca Falls pump, 1 Pulsometer pump, 2 old steam pumps, 1 disintegrator, 1 flour packer, 2 Abbe pebble mills, 2 crushers, 1 Freese brick machine, 1 lot of forms for brick machine, 1 steel plate for brick machine, 2 throttling engines, 1 triplex pump, 1 Schaum & Uhlinger hydro-extractor, 1 clay washer, 1 oil pump, 1 Sturtevant blower, 1 dry pan, 1 Eureka brick press, 1 Blake pump, 1 Worthington pump, 21 chairs, ? beds and mattresses, 5 dressers, 6 wash stands, 2 small tables, 2 kitchen tables, 1 dining table, 1 sideboard, 2 stoves, 1 leather covered couch, 1 hall rack, 3 porch benches, stair carpet, carpet and matting, 1 icebox, 1 axe, 1 buck saw. Being the property described in said Mortgage.
One Thousand ($1,000) Dollars must be paid by the purchaser in cash or by certified cheek at the time and place of sale. Empire Trust Company. Mortgagee. By Joseph B. Tinker. Pingree, Dawes and Burke, attorneys for mortgagee, Pittsfield, Mass.


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